Slow Zombies

In between doing very important stuff, I’ve caught the new US zombie serial The Walking Dead, which has shambled its way onto Channel 5 (Sunday, 10pm). Zombies are apparently in. Almost as much as vampires it seems. Actually, I’d been looking out for the series, having heard of the original comics, though not having seen it in the decaying flesh. There was also the inspired (and I use the term loosely) marketing mind who managed to plaster billboard adverts next to funeral homes here on our very own Stapleton Rd and elsewhere.

The Walking Dead is good clean fun, well as much as anything can be where you have to cover yourself in human gore to avoid detection by suspicious and somewhat peckish zombie. It has the expected high production values and some reasonable characterisation, with our heroes struggling with the usual woes of those who survive the collapse of Civilisation As We Know It, such as what to do with that awkward relative who shuffled off the mortal coil, but then kept on shuffling. There are also some pretty iconic scenes as benefits its graphical genesis, the Sheriff riding into zombie stricken Atlanta on horseback being particular striking in its imaginary.

It also has to be applauded for the welcome return of the slow zombie to the mainstream, which were in danger of dying out to competition with their rage inflected cousins, the fast zombie. Something like the thematic equivalent of the red squirrel having to sulk in the corner due the grey interlopers.

These more sedate zombies can even climb (after a fashion) and use rocks to smash in inconvenient doors in their search for tasty morsels, which in zombie terms is a pretty impressive range. Drawing these amazing feats to their logical conclusion, will the series feature the first zombie punk band by its finale?

It’ll be popular with genre fans and those who like their big glossy American series, which should pretty much guarantee in decent ratings for Channel 5. I’ll keep on watching and if I get bored, I can always pass the time spotting the various homages, references and blatant rip-offs to past zombie greats. Don’t expect Shakespeare or Joss Whedon and you’ll be fine.

And here’s a wholly gratuitous link of a zombie having a disagreement with a piano. Just because.


~ by Jack on April 19, 2011.

3 Responses to “Slow Zombies”

  1. Jack, nice blog. I like that you rightly mentioned Joss Whedon and Shakespeare in the same sentence.

    • Thanks Jon. Glad to have you on board sir!

      I always wondered what Shakespeare would be like writing if he was alive today and active in media world, but maybe the better question would be how would Joss Whedon do in Renaissance England?

      I’m guessing burnt at the stake đŸ˜‰

    • …and I’ve improvified the Joss Whedon link in the blog post to a much more suitable homage.

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