Sometimes You’ve Just Gotta Lego

A quick post to keep things ticking over while I work what to waffle on next. Here we have some Oscar themed movie posters, conveniently morphed into a state of Lego for our viewing pleasure.

I must say kudos to whoever sat down and actually generated these posters, because lets face it they’re brilliant and it must have taken a fair bit of time unless there’s a piece of software out there offering pre-rendered 3D Lego figures of which I’m woefully unaware.

I’m still waiting for the first full scale Lego feature film, but surely it can’t be far off. After all, it has already subverted comedy and music, whilst carving itself quite a niche in pop culture

Credit for the find goes to this blog that I just stumbled upon.


~ by Jack on April 30, 2011.

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