Taming the Dragon


So I thought I’d dip my toe back into the blogging world with a quick post on what’s been happening recently, namely cycling. Lots of cycling. Lots and lots of cycling.

Tomorrow I brave the Welsh mountains as part of the Dragon Ride 2015, my charity event for this year, with my friend Dave. Next year might be triathlon time, at least for me, but this time round we’re sticking strictly to two wheels where I have at least a modicum of natural aptitude. My event flavour (there are five different events under the Dragon Ride banner) is 153km Medio Fondo with just under 8000ft climbing. Gulp.

Training – The Good, the Bad and the Scenic

Let’s get the bad out of the way first. Work complications have meant the majority of my training has fallen into the last two and a bit months, which has been a blur of training rides; relearning and sometimes learning long distance cyclecraft; recovery techniques and fixing bikes. While its not been a half arsed effort (its at least 3/4 arsed or higher!) I have been playing catch up right up to the last minute.

My last real training ride was a 86 mile ride to Avebury stone circle and back to Bristol last Wednesday, which was really too close to the event, but a calculated risk as persistent issues with my racer mean that it was my only opportunity for a long ride on my chosen bike for the event. So far the racer has eaten two pairs of tyres, eight inner tubes and required a gear tune up. Training has also accounted for a broken mountain bike (courtesy of the Dundry Hills); a pair of shoes and my back (I will probably spend more time stretching out it out than my legs on race day).

On the bright side I can now actually  effortlessly change a puncture; have a raft of proper cycle kit and the weather’s been pretty kind, both for training and predicted for tomorrow. No major injuries means I’m feeling pretty positive about completing the event and not embarrassing myself too badly in front of the proper cyclists. I’m even packed my kit!


And finally some of the places I’ve cycled through over the last few months have been just jaw droppingly gorgeous places and routes that I finally got to tick off the ‘list’. Trooper’s Hill within spitting distance but never seen; the Chew Valley on a misty evening; Glastonbury Tor in the sun; the Avon towpath down to Bath; the Strawberry Line and Two Tunnel Sustrans routes and Cheddar Gorge, complete with kids – of the cute goat variety – playing chicken with the traffic and winning hands down.

Dragon1         Dragon2

What’s Next

I plan on keeping the fitness up, though I will probably change emphasis to running in anticipation of getting a few Park Runs sorted and maybe a half marathon or two in the future. And there’s always the Taff Trail ride I kept planning but never quite made it. Then there’s Silbury Hill, Lacock Abbey and Gloucester all within range, so maybe long distance cycling will suck me back in sooner than I think.

Bon voyage!


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~ by Jack on June 6, 2015.

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